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Vicente Javier Pérez Valero

Visiting Erasmus Professor
Vicente Javier Pérez Valero
Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche

División de Dibujo
Facultad de Bellas Artes de Altea

"From Line Drawing to Vectorial Drawing"

In the future the combination of the traditional tools and techniques combined with the vector software, laptop and the graphic paddle will be a usual practise in the creation and teaching process. This future is imminent in the Area of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Altea. We are preparing a new technology implementation program that gives an incentive to the practical work and increase the training for the illustration and graphic design jobs in the professional world.

The computer has evolved from a tool of final art to a tool of the same consideration to those seen as traditional. Current illustrators don’t reject any material or means. This enriches the current fine arts, and in this way our creative mind has moved forward to “the nothing is impossible.”

As we are immersed in the European Higher Education Area Space (EHEA), at the Area of Drawing of the Miguel Hernández University (Altea-Spain), we are suggesting the use of the digital and vector tools and the graphic paddle in the subject of Morphological Drawing in the second year of the Fine Arts Degree.