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Jakob Kattner

CALLE LIBRE - Urbane Kunst in Lateinamerika

(documentary, book, thesis) wants to paint a vivant picture of today´s street art scene in various countries of Latin America.

Abschluss des PhD-Programms / Completion of the PhD-Program: Oktober 2016

Betreuung / Supervision:
Thomas Macho
Elisabeth von Samsonow

Latin American artists show why, how, where and under what circumstances they work. The viewer is invited to follow the artists work and experience their socio-economic surroundings.

Jakob Kattner accompanies the artists with his handheld camera, whose mobility allows him access to even the most intimate spaces. Streets, narrow staircases, hallways, backyards, public spaces, cars, murals or concrete will be important parts of the portrayed regions and urban structures.

The director will gather some of the most important and relevant artists of today´s latin american street-art and urban-art scene in special places of their urban surroundings. The artists will talk about their methods, strategies and their development of approach to art.

Dissident working fields, strategies and alternative life models of the determined groups should be channeled in opposition to the prevalent aesthetic and moral standards, to show how artistic / cultural work can allow them to escape from globally-reproduced sujets of identity and to reflect and progressesivly change their social environment. Different techniques, fine art or performative art forms, which demonstrativly differentiate from „legitimate“ art in the explored countries, will be examined in correlation to their critical potential and their forms of identity, mobility, networking, intra- and transnational connecting points.

All project-related results and deliverables will be presented through the essayistic documentary,  the book publication and the thesis.

“Calle Libre” © Jakob Kattner