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30. Juni 2021, 18.00 Uhr ONLINE via Zoom

a movie by Claire Bergkamp and Michael Sadowsky

Fashion & Technology lädt im Rahmen der Reihe "Change Wear" zum Filmscreening mit Beth Jensen.

Following Q&A with Beth Jensen
Director, ‘Climate+’-Strategy at Textile Exchange

Online via Zoom: cutt.ly/0n5uAxK

'Climate+'-Strategy: radical actions and solutions in the textile industry

This session will focus on how the textile and fashion industry can shift to the most urgently needed change towards more sustainable solutions. Together we will dive into the Textile Exchange 'Climate+'-Strategy along the goal of 45% reduced CO2 emissions by textile fiber and material production by 2030. This climate science aligned goal will require a significant increase in the use of preferred materials and significant investment in next generation low carbon materials. Where are we today? And what does it take to get to 45%?

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Flyer zum Filmscreening mit Beth Jensen