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Future design perspective and new material flows

23. Juni 2021, 18.00 Uhr ONLINE via Zoom

Fashion & Technology lädt im Rahmen der Reihe "Change Wear" zum Gastvortrag von Kirsi Niinimäki.

Online via Zoom: cutt.ly/vnGragK

Future design perspective and new material flows
This presentation will focus on possibilities and limitations in fashion design using a closed loop approach. It will describe how future recycling technologies will transform current garment design practices. As sustainable development enters the understanding of the circular economy (CE) approach, the principle of closing the material loop and recycling technology define the framework in which fashion designers have to work in the future. The presentation will show how this new knowledge on the recycling phase will have practical implications for fashion designers’ way of designing garment lifecycles in the future.  

Kirsi Niinimäki is Associate Professor in Design, especially in Fashion research in the Department of Design at Aalto University, Finland. Her research has focused on holistic understanding of sustainable fashion and textile fields and connections between design, manufacturing, business models and consumption. Her research group the Fashion/Textile Futures, ftfutures.aalto.fi, is involved in several significant research projects, which integrate closed loop, bio-economy and circular economy approaches in fashion and textile systems and extends the understanding of strategic sustainable design. Kirsi Niinimäki has published widely and her newest book Sustainable Fashion in a Circular Economy is published 2018. You can find it open access aaltodoc.aalto.fi   


Gastvortrag "Hope, reality, and an industry in transition: Circular designers needed", 2021, Flyer Vorderseite