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Fashion, Forests and Survival

21. April 2021, 18.00 Uhr ONLINE via Zoom

Fashion & Technology lädt zum Gastvortrag von VALERIE LANGER, Fibre Solutions Strategist, CANOPY.

Online via Zoom: cutt.ly/gvRdLCA

Fashion, Forests and Survival
From our first breath to the last one we take we have a lifelong connection to the forests. They provide the oxygen we breathe and balance the climate to make our world livable. Over a short span of time vast, complex and primeval forest ecosystems have been fragmented and deforested at an alarming rate. 150 million trees are logged every year to make Man Made Cellulosic Textiles and 3 billion trees to make the packaging that clothing and consumer goods are shipped in. Can the fashion sector embrace the solutions to protect and restore the forests on which our survival depends? Yes! I’ll describe how this is possible and the role that Next Generation innovative solutions will play.

Valerie Langer, Fibre Solutions Strategist Canopy
Valerie Langer has been engaged in forest conservation campaigns for over 30 years. She works with the non-profit organization, Canopy (www.canopyplanet.org) to accelerate globally availability of Next Generation alternatives to tree fibre pulp for manufacturing paper, packaging and viscose fabrics. She pioneered the international market campaign strategy of influencing logging companies’ practices by engaging their commercial customer base. She and her team of colleagues at Rainforest Solutions Project won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award for their role in the collaboration that designed the globally unique model of conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest (British Columbia, Canada). She authored 'Survival - A Pulp Thriller: A Plan for Saving Forests and Climate'. Her work has directly contributed to the conservation of millions of hectares of biologically rich forest. Valerie’s focus is on large scale forest conservation by leveraging  markets, investments and innovation.

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