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James Dyson Award 2019

Nicole Hübscher erhielt mit ihrem Project CAMEO die Auszeichnung “National Runner Up” beim James Dyson Award 2019.

CAMEO consists of two main parts: A conical gripping part made of silicone and a handle, both interconnected by a common ground plate. The gripping part is filled with a liquid and has a retractable, slightly inwardly curved tip surface. By simply pushing the gripping part onto an object to be picked up or by actuating the handle, the tip surface is pulled further inwards, thereby lifting and force-fitting the object via the slightly adhesive silicone surface. For the handle, two possible designs were implemented: Representing the actual concept, the rubber ball ergonomically fits for an average adult hand size. An inner pneumatic cylinder is fluid-tight connected via the piston rod to the gripping part tip. Mainly for testing purposes, a purely mechanical solution was created, having a piston that can be actuated via a ring like a syringe. It might be used in areas where the gripping object or the fingers should be protected from direct contact.

Nicole Hübscher, BSc