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Is Europe a Utopia?

Amaia Vicente García
Interactive Installation, 2016
Interface Cultures 

This interactive installation shows a European flag which is hanging from the ceiling.

The spectator can move around the artwork. By doing so he/she provokes constant changes on the installation. The fabric moves, sound appears, also depending upon how many people are around. The air of fans move the flag. It opens, closes and shakes in order to create an air sculpture. It is possible to have a look inside the empty sculptural space.

The sounds are voices from different women who are reading facsimiles of European constitution extracts focused on diversity, equal and gender opportunity. The voices sometimes overlap and therefore cannot be understood very clear all the time. This and the air fans produce a sound mess which is a metaphor of this European utopia.

Exhibition at: IC at ars electronica 2016, Linz, Austria

"Is Europe a Utopia?" © Amaia Vicente García; Interactive Installation, 2016