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Open House / Interface Cultures

20. März 2019, 9.00 bis 17.00 Uhr Standort: Domgasse 1, 3. OG

Programm der Abteilung Interface Cultures:

Interface Cultures zeigt am Tag der offenen Tür eine Auswahl von Artefakten, die für den letzten Computer Mouse/Keyboard Contest interface.ufg.ac.at/computer-mouse-keyboard-contest  entwickelt wurden. Die von Matthias Schäfer, Patricia Cadavid Laddy, Stella Markidi und Sergio Lecuona Fornes entwickelten Projekte können von den BesucherInnen selbst getestet werden. Darüber hinaus können Interessierte Einblick nehmen in unterschiedliche Lehrveranstaltungen:
10.15 bis 12.15 Uhr: Augmented Systems / Android Science, Masa Jazbec
13.00 bis 16.00 Uhr: Academic Public Practice, Penesta Dika
17.00 bis 18.30 Uhr: Audio-Visual Interaction II, Weixler Andreas
Alle Vorlesungen werden in Englischer Sprache abgehalten, da das Studium Interface Cultures rein Englisch sprachig ist. Individuell Auskunft über das Studium selbst oder Aufnahmeprüfungen gibt Ihnen gerne Michaela Ortner. Weiters können Sie sich ein Bild von den Ausstellungen und vielfältigen Veranstaltungen dieser Studienrichtung machen.

Interface Cultures will be displaying a selection of artifacts from the recent Computer Mouse / Keyboard Contest interface.ufg.ac.at/computer-mouse-keyboard-contest at the Day of Open House. The projects developed by Matthias Schäfer, Patricia Cadavid Laddy, Stella Markidi and Sergio Lecuona Fornes can be tested by the visitors themselves. In addition people who are interested can take a look at different courses:
10.15 to 12.15: Augmented Systems / Android Science, Masa Jazbec
13.00 to 16.00: Academic Public Practice, Penesta Dika
17.00 to 18.30: Audio-Visual Interaction II, Weixler Andreas
All lectures are held in English because the course Interface Cultures is pure English.
Individual information on studying at Interface Cultures or entrance interviews you could ask Michaela Ortner during the whole day. Furthermore, you can get an idea of ​​the exhibitions and various events of this field of study. 

Mouse Contest Projects

Say Hello World to Christina, Matthias Schäfer
Christina is an artificial intelligence that will help you achieve more in less time. We carefully selected some of the most productive individuals on our planet and collected data points on how they interface with their computers. Christina then analyzed their behaviour and through deep learning, she came up with common patterns. We managed to fit Christina into a tiny box that you can just plug into your computer and she will do the rest for you. Just sit back and relax while Christina does the work for you.
Trust Christina*
*Christina  is still in early  development, some errors and even data loss might occur.

Keyboard Palette, Patricia Cadavid Laddy
Mixed Keyboard and palette technique
The great masters of painting used their palettes with colors that would change the world in their artworks, why then would the palette of the postmedia painter have to stay inside the screen? The keyboard palette is a color disposition physical device for the contemporary digital artistic creation, this unique and exclusive piece will liberate the Michelangelo post internet who lives is in you.
Composed by five keys that represent the three primary colors (plus black, white and a surprise effect key) you will have the whole chromatic spectrum at your fingertips since a combination of keys is a new combination of colors, all that your imagination wants to fill in each pixel of your canvas on screen.

Sandpaper Keyboard, Stella Markidi
This device is the first sandpaper-coated keyboard-touchpad interface.
Are you missing your pre-internet brain? The more you use the sandpaper keyboard, the more you exfoliate your skin / bleed. Therefore it is ideal for all internet or gaming addicts, software engineering students  and masochists.

If You Believe... (I want to Believe), Sergio Lecuona Fornes
Do plants have feelings?
Does God exist?
Did Colombus discover America?
Are aliens around us?
Do chemtrails change the weather?
Do microwave-machines cause cancer?
Is rolled tobacco healthier?
Is Oumuamua an alien spaceship?
Am I a stupid person who questions everything?
Can this mouse fly?

Keyboard Palette © Patricia Cadavid Laddy

Keyboard Palette © Patricia Cadavid Laddy

If You Believe... © Sergio Lecuona Fornes

Say Hello World to Christina © Matthias Schäfer

Say Hello World to Christina © Matthias Schäfer

Sandpaper Keyboard © Stella Markidi