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Gastvortrag von Giorgio Rinolfi

3. Dezember 2019, 12.00 Uhr Kunstuniversität Linz, Domgasse 1, DO0327

Interface Cultures lädt im Rahmen der INTERFACE CULTURES INVITED LECTURE SERIES zum Vortrag:

Aerial Media Arts and Luminous Bees an Open Source robotic swarm ecosystem for public Arts

The development of the services and applications in the shared airspace and the lack of awareness in terms of its potential community use, has started the creation of "Aerial Media Arts". Ongoing research has in "swarm robotics" the main tool for artistic investigation, performance and dataset visualization for the community.

This lecture will give you an overview on the state of the current UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) research. From the traditional aircraft models to the drones and hybrid VTOL system, the autonomous ability has always been required. Luminousbees is a platform for research and creative applications with swarm of MAV (Micro Air Vehicles). It’s based on the open-source project Ardupilot, the most advanced, full-featured and reliable open source autopilot software available. It is the only autopilot software capable of controlling any vehicle system imaginable, from conventional airplanes, multirotors, and helicopters, to boats and even submarines.
Humans have always been fascinated with natural swarms, remarkable examples of social organisms that rely upon the mutual coexistence of a multitude of simple elements each one assigned with different functions. Swarm Intelligence is a recent scientific area that take inspiration from the behaviors of living beings and aims to transfer the laws that govern the collective behavior to multi-agents’ hardware and software systems or platforms. The application of swarm intelligence to flying robotics allows to provide them with the ability of self-organization based on some input. Aerial Media Art (AMA) is a novel form of visual language that aims at exploits the air volume surrounding the audience as a 3D performative media space through a swarm of luminous drones. By using the air volume as the stage, the audience is surrounded by and immersed in the performance in a multi-angle fashion, where each participant has his own point of view. This approach is an effective way to drive participants into the human and machine issue in a personalized way.

Luminousbees start-up luminousbe.es
SuperOrganism project vimeo.com/208233080
UAVs lab at university of Genoa 3dlabfactory.dibris.unige.it/wordpress

Giorgio Rinolfi
(1980, Genoa Italy) is an Italian Visual Artist, Technologist and currently is working on his PhD research at Genoa university on “Aerial Media Arts”. He is part of an international maker community who has spent the recent past in an in-depth research practice on multi-dimensional storytelling, interaction design and especially on the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as Ardupilot for environmental performance set-ups. As a resident at STEIM , Amsterdam, in 2006, he conducted research on realtime video manipulation for live performances. In 2007, Rinolfi has worked with Arduino inventor Massimo Banzi on "SCIE", a kinetic interactive light system, at Domus Academy . Since 2008, Rinolfi has conducted lectures on UAV technology, interactive architecture and projection mapping at NABA, Milan, and the University of Genoa, and hosted a series of workshops at events including Live Performers Meeting , Rome, "Makers Milano" Expo Milan, "Unconventional” Savona Screen Festival, for the Film Commission of Liguria , or at the Museum of Natural Science, Genoa. His research and development practice as well as his artistic work are highly informed by the open source development community around toolkits such as ‘vvvv’, his ten years of study and practice of beekeeping and his passion for the traditional japanese drum music Taiko as part of the Koshindo group. Rinolfi is engaging in the research on timelaps techniques, hyperlapse storytelling with custom made controlled camera movement systems and High Dynamic Range Photography, since 2010. Giorgio Rinolfi is one of the founders of the UAV development group “Virtual Robotix Italia”, an Italian drone development project based on the open source project Arducopter, which will be a strong foundation for his upcoming project Luminous Bees .

Fotos © Giorgio Rinolfi

Credits: Marco Ferraris www.marcoferraris.net