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Conflicting Times

14. bis 15. Jänner 2023 Sonnenallee 26/13, 1220 Wien

A bomb explodes hours later in Europe and lasts until we scroll down. What we have taken for granted is now turned inside out.
Amid these Conflicting Times artists and space&designstrategists from different geographical and social-political backgrounds overcome distance. They create a transit zone of resistance, acceptance, dialogue, doubt and fear. They pause, propose and process experiences of war and conflict, now and in the past, to form discussions out of chaos. They invite you to connect in Conflicting Times like these.

Bíborka Janka Béres, Dennis Michael Khieffer Beviz, Lea Felicitas Blachfellner,Tomiris Dmitrievskikh, Sabrina Hauzinger, Margarita Gimaeva,Lorenzo Iannantuoni, Margarita Ivanova, Ammar Khadour, ShahrzadKhanmohammadi, Kata Martincsák, Celeste Montales, Irina Müller, NikitaNarder, Louisa Plundrich, Spicy Princess (Annamária Kmetyó), AlexandraRauschgold, Michaela Všetečková, Anna Weberberger, Lorenz Willer

Hosted by Contemporary Matters Sonnenallee 26/13, 1220 Wien


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Ausstellung "Conflicting Times" 2023