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Sanaz Heiran Pour

Die Verwendung traditioneller Perserteppichmotive im zeitgenössischen Textil - Modedesign

Beginn des PhD-Programms / Start of the PhD-Program: WS 2011

Betreuung / Supervision:
Gilbert Bretterbauer

This study will focus on identifying valuable and historical motifs and textiles existing on tribal rugs of Iran as well as analyzing them. A structural and aesthetic analyze in order to explore methods for using them in new textile and fashion design. 

Iran is settlement of different tribes and nomads which are diffused all over the country. This research will attend to flat-waves of some main tribe such as Qashqai, Shahsavan, Kurds and Baluch in South, North West, North East and South East of Iran.

The first chapter of this research will allocate to recognition of characters of tribal design on rugs, kilims and jajims. For this purpose the criteria of primitive design on potteries remain from prehistoric time will be consider and then the main patterns on potteries will be compared with flat-wave’s patterns. 

The next chapter will be about Iranian traditional cloths and textiles to find criteria of Iranian old fashion methods for using them in new fashion design.

The last part will be a mix of previous chapters. It means some methods and designs will be create to join collected motifs in chapter two, on Iranian traditional cloths for using them in new fashion design. Three ways is chosen for achieving to this goal:

- using the motifs on the body of clothing (top-down design)

- using the motifs for bottom-up design

- using the motifs for narrative fashion design

On the whole this research wants to resurrect Iranian tribal motives, patterns and old fashion to use them again in new textile and fashion design.

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