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Eirini Sourgiadaki

Teleportation & Transformation: approaching the “impossible” through storytelling and technology

Beginn des PhD-Programms / Start of the PhD-Program​: SS 2018

Betreuung / Supervision:
Florian Dombois
Marcel Bleuler (ZHdK)

This artistic research project-based PhD has its base on an already realized work called “Metaphorai Teleportation and Transformation Services: Possibilities of the Impossible” (Zürich, 2017 / metaphorai.net). My intention, using that past project as a starting point, is to develop and to test the potential of the creation of one or of several teleportation/transformation device(s), by combining storytelling and technology. Both, teleportation and transformation can be understood as three-step processes compiled by: State 1 (before), the in-between moment (the shift) and State 2 (after). Although State 1 and State 2 are being respectively studied, the special focus of my research is given to the middle part of the process, the in-between moment, including the device, the aspects of time, space as well as cultural aspects, possibilities, plausibilities, probabilities. Guiding research questions are: Whether what happens during the teleportation/transformation process, happens literally and/or metaphorically. Whether and how, during the in-between moment inside the device, the presence of the body can be argued. What are the measurable or non-measurable data and values produced by introducing this ‘impossibility’ to an audience? How does the technology used for the creation of a device affect the preparation, process and result of the teleportation/transformation? Which kind of vocabulary (verbal or physical) is used and/or produced through the teleportation/transformation narratives and in which ways can this vocabulary contribute to the present or to future research projects? The goal of the PhD is to develop a setting that allows people to experience a process of making the impossible, possible.

Kurz-Biographie / Short Bio
Eirini Sourgiadaki was born in Crete, Greece and grew up in Athens, where she studied Sociology, Cultural Management, Greek and English/American Poetry and Contemporary Dance. In 2017 she graduated from MA Transdisciplinarity in the Arts, awarded with the Hirschmann Stipendium, ZHdK Fonds Design & Kunst and the ZHdK Avina Fonds with her project “Metaphorai”. Since 2010 she has published five books (fiction, poetry) in Greek and in English language in Athens, Zürich and Berlin.

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“Welcome on board” immersive performance / Zürich tanzt 2019; Foto © Eirini Sourgiadaki