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Marie Speckert

The Encrypted Diction in Sonic and Substance: How art invades and breaks into the anatomical matrix

Beginn des PhD-Programms / Start of the PhD-Program​: WS 2021

Betreuung / Supervision:
Martin Kaltenbrunner

Marie Lynn Speckert is researching the processing of artistic effects on anatomically bodies. Her PhD describes performance and embodiment aspects (embodiment/corporealization). This theme focuses on the perception and intrusion of corporeality. Through aesthetic-artistic actions, the body as the basis for human perception will be thematized. Her creations usually have a strong but fictional connection to medicine. They refer to processes, changes and mortality. Materiality as expression and as a form of aesthetic perception. The components of material as a fetishistic element, depicted through autonomous and natural sequences. The language of material serves well particularly with metaphoric processes. The connection to plastic surgery as well as transplantation (replanting, removing), the affixing of an organ, are important aspects of her PhD. An artificially built object is intended to function as a supplementary organ and to be fitted to an existing organism. It will be denoted a “guest” for a sculptured body, an analogy for the permeating of something foreign in a closed system, which, through the expansion of an object, transfers an altered, manipulated and haptical perception. The transplantive effect should depict a symbiosis of two individuals: the human body as a hacked system.

Kurz-Biographie / Short Bio
Marie Lynn Speckert alias DURA (*1989) is a contemporary media-artist, composer and metal-sculpturer. She lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig. Her artistic work combines anatomic structures, sterility, sounds with performance and sculpture. She creates atmospheric scenes. By utilizing sculptur elements, innovative sound microcosms and delicately balanced actions, complex sensory impressions and association possibilities emerge. She is a member of the research group Tangible Music Lab (tamlab.ufg.at), Fascia Leipzig (facia-leipzig.com) and Anatomie der Künste. Marie Lynn Speckert is also active as a sound artist / composer in diverse performances, actions, films and exhibits.

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