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Yue Hu

From Here to "Here" - Interaction of artistic practice and society

Abschluss des PhD-Programms / Completion of the PhD-Program: SS 2022

Betreuung / Supervision:
Ton Matton

The practice of contemporary art, and society are intertwined, albeit through a vaguely defined relationship. Within the context of globalization, and an accelerating society, the emergence of "movie promotion" and "internet celebrity lifestyle" exhibitions has become an inevitable phenomenon in this era. Or to elaborate, artists are expected to put on extravagant performances to be seen and respected by modern audiences. At the same time, the occurrence of this phenomenon has also led some artists to take further actions to assume greater social responsibility, and focus on more meaningful forms of expression.

The practice of "here" is forming into artistic language. The observational method became the main research method of this dissertation. Mental illness, as an expression tool, is also being used to describe the increasing decline in connections between social groups caused by tight systems within the city. This intensifies the alienation of the relationship between people, between people and places, and between people and society, and thus further affects the creativity of some artists and makes them ignore the mission of their artistic practice in the response to social problems.

Regarding the semantic analysis of -here- and "here," this paper clarifies the differences as well as the similarities of varying interpretations of the artistic practice of "here" between Chinese and English languages, and cultures. The author's artistic practice of "here" has become one voice among many other practices of "here." In the artistic practices from different cultural backgrounds regarding "here," due to the clear symbolism of "here," a dialogue has manifested which gradually formed an artistic language for the discussion of social problems. This artistic language positions itself as the interaction between artistic practice and society, and regards the artistic practice as the interventional tool for tackling social problems and social environments. At the same time, in the process of practice, the power of this artistic language has also become the power of art to change the world.

Kurz-Biographie / Short Bio:
Her work is based on artistic measures such as performance, visual art, use of interdisciplinary research with the aim of exploring topics such as urban space, social intervention, and social transformation. Analysing the challenges in the urban system itself is key to understanding and addressing social issues that may arise from these challenges. Having an interdisciplinary approach is important in establishing a balance between different social contexts and opening a dialogue with society, which is a powerful tool to intervene and address social issues.

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