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Maria Esperanza Sasaki Otani

DADA-TATA: Interactive Art for children focused on personal data processing

Beginn des PhD-Programms / Start of the PhD-Program:
SS 2022

Betreuung / Supervision:
Manuela Naveau
Christine Schranz

DADA-TATA is an artistic/scientific research project that reflects on children's rights in the digital environment. It focuses mainly on the right to privacy and to freedom of thought threatened by data processing and artificial intelligence systems. The DADA-TATA project approaches this issue from an artistic to create interactive artworks and cultural actions designed especially for children. In this regard, DADA-TATA explores the potential of Interactive Art to enhance children's data literacy and disseminate and better understand children's rights in the digital world.

Kurz-Biographie / Short Bio:
Nomi Sasaki is a Peruvian Japanese visual artist focused on Interactive Art related to personal data processing and children's rights in the digital realm. Sasaki has worked as a producer and cultural manager for more than ten years. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences from Lima University and a master of Arts degree from the University of Arts Linz.

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Leonardo Ramirez Castillo