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Admission examination

Admission procedere

for teaching subjects at the Art University Linz


Dates for registration for the artistic entrance examination

The one-and-a-half-day artistic admission test for the bachelor's and master's degree in visual education consists of the following partial tests:

1. Presentation of artistic work (folder / portfolio)
2. Written exam in which the applicants deal with design tasks practically and analytically.
3. Discussion with the examination board about the work from the portfolio and the exam.

Students who have completed the BE bachelor's degree in the Mitte cluster do not have to take an entrance examination for the master’s degree at the Linz University of Art.Es ist möglich, zu allen Zulassungsprüfungen zu den an der Kunstuniversität angebotenen Lehramtsstudien anzutreten. (MG; GTT; BE)


According to your own assessment, the selected work samples should show the best possible presentation of the given skills. Larger or non-transportable works can also be presented in the form of photographs or other presentation media. Diversity of the work samples in terms of content (thematic) and technical aspects is an advantage.

Interested parties are cordially invited to talk to
Univ.-Prof.in. MMag.a Jutta Strohmaier
, jutta.strohmaier@kunstuni-linz.at  T. +43 (0) 676 847898 2319 oder
Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Hubert Lobnig
hubert.lobnig@kunstuni-linz.at T. +43 (0) 676 84 / 7898 345.

Crediting and Information

If you have any questions about credit transfer or general study-related information, please contact
Univ.-Ass. Mag.art Anna Pech +43 (0)676 / 847898 303 oder
Univ.-Ass. MMag.art Elisabeth-Maria Wieder +43 (0)676 / 847898 331.

A.Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Wolfgang Schreibelmayr

O.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Gerhard Hickisch

T: +43 (0) 732 7898 382
Mobil: +43 (0) 676 84 7898 382


Zentrale Medienwerkstätte (Videoschnittplätze, Videostudio, Fotostudio, Dunkelkammern, Tonstudio und Equipmentverleih)