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Department of Art Education

Personal design experience continuously attained through the curriculum and the scientific analysis of art, culture, the media and pedagogy combine to help students acquire skills that enable them to plan and organise art education in schools.
Both the training curriculum and later professional practice should assign a central role to the principle of holistic learning and the perception of the world with all senses. University and school education are thus called upon to focus on individuals and the promotion and enhancement of their social, professional and self-competence.
The Art Education programme operates with an open concept of art, culture and pedagogy. Against the historical background of regional and international artistic and visual cultural phenomena but also in view of the constant evolution and modification of earlier educational models, students need to develop competencies that enable them, through their educational input, to support children, adolescents and adults in the active shaping of a socially competent, self-determined and culture-oriented life.
Another purpose of the curriculum lies in teaching scientific techniques for the continuous honing of work objectives, subjects and methods that enable students to act and react effectively in future, as yet unforeseeable situations.

The film course “Einstieg in die Filmpraxis” is a cooperation of the public music school in Puchenau and the The University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz. The course exists since 2007.  The course administrator are alumni of arteducation degree.
The students from Art Education and Media Design can profit and use this class as "researchfor the lesson practice in teaching film".

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A.Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Wolfgang Schreibelmayr

Deputy Head

Univ.-Prof. MMag. Jutta Strohmaier



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Unversity of Art and Design Linz
Department of Art Education
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Unversity of Art and Design Linz
Department of Art Education
Hauptplatz 8, 2nd floor
4020 Linz | Austria

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