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Next admission examination: September 2022

Registration from August 1st until August 31st.
Admission examination: September 14th until September 16th.

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Time-based and Interactive Media Arts is a full-time Bachelor degree programme for students with a wide range of interests and future media designers and artists who

  • want to engage intensively and comprehensively with digital media,
  • want to express their thoughts and feelings creatively by drawing on audiovisual techniques,
  • love to experiment and find their own novel approaches,
  • like to handle cameras, electronic components, microphones or soldering irons,
  • do not to just want to use but also to be able to programme software,
  • are interested in contemporary art and like reading, exhibitions and the cinema,
  • are willing to realise projects in teams and enjoy challenges.

The artistic Bachelor programme “Time-based and Interactive Media” offers a comprehensive and professional introduction and access to the theory, techniques and design of digital media and thus combines the complementary focuses of time-based media and interactive media.


Group Exhibition KAPU Linz


Time-based and Interactive Media Arts at the Ars Electronica Festival 2021

Alice Hulan: Grammophon – Unerhörtes – Zitate von 1924-2018 © Alice Hulan

Our study programme and department is represented in several places at the Ars Electronica Festival 2021.
At the campus exhibition at the art university (see also),
in the Ars Electronica Center with a new edition on "Cooperative Aesthetics"
and with the interactive work Grammophon by Alice Hulan at the international Theme Exhibition at the JKU.

Cooperative Aesthetics at the Ars Electronica Festival 2020

On all days of the festival, the Time-Based and Interactive Media Art department presented a total of 13 works on "Cooperative Aesthetics" in the Deep Space of the Ars Electronica Center.
Documentary of all works



With the cancellation of the film festival "Diagonale" the premiere of many films unfortunately had to be canceled or postponed. These include these two excellent theses:

Rudern / Regie, Buch, Schnitt: Sophia Hochedlinger

ouest / Regie, Buch, Kamera, Schnitt: Michael Seidl


The portrait film of the University of Art Linz, produced by students of Time-based and Interactive Media Art at the University of Art Linz, was awarded at FILM FORUM AUSTRIA in the category FUTURE THE YOUNG FILM | Awarded in 2019.

Exkursion zur Biennale Venedig 2019

Im Mai 2019 unternahmen wir eine einwöchige Exkursion zur Biennale in  Venedig.

Filmfestival Crossing Europe 2019

In 2019 eight contributions of our students were selected for the program of the Crossing Europe Film Festival.
Joachim Iseni won one of the Local Artists Awards with "Fleischwochen".

© Christoph Thorwartl / subtext.at

TIME OUT - an exhibition programme in the ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER Linz

In cooperation with Ars Electronica our excellent students have the opportunity to present their works within the exhibition programme TIME OUT in the Ars Electronica Center Linz.
Website of the current exhibition

Ute Hackl: Tonbrücke; Foto R. Bauernhansl

Ars Electronica Festival 2018

At the Ars Electronica Festiva 2018, selected works by students and program director Gerhard Funk from the series "Cooperative Aesthetics" were shown in Deep Space.
In addition, Gerhard Funk lectures on cooperative aesthetics at the Symposium Expanded Animation - Interfaces in Motion and at the Digital Theater Network Meeting

Christian Berger: Particle Collage © Ars Electronica/Vanessa Graf

Group exhibition of our Bachelor programme in Teheran

Our study programme was invited by TADAEX Festival (Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition) to present installations, interactive works, a collection of movies in the well-known Mohsen Gallery and an audio-visual performance in the Tehran Independent Theater. more

Excursion to documenta 14

In June 2017 we made an excursion to documenta 14 in Kassel.

TIME X - a series of events
in celebration of the 10th anniversary of our study programme

In November and December 2016 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our curriculum with a screening of 10 movies in the Moviemento cinema, an audio-visual performance with "Funkstörung / Lightstorm" in the OK-Centrum and an exhibition "werk | schau" at the our university, where a selection of interactive works and installations were shown.

Administration & Head:
Univ.Prof. Mag.art. PhD. Joachim Smetschka
Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerhard Funk

Information about the program and the entry exams:
Mag.art. Bettina Steinmaurer
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 397

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