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MA Visual Communication

Weitere Arbeiten von Studierenden

Master Programme Visual Communication

The process of the continually advancing digitization of our society is generating new interfaces for the design of words and images. Accordingly, the two-year master’s degree course engages with *Visual Communication* using innovative methods and approaches to encourage personally motivated artistic research between experimental form and conceptual content. Students develop projects independently with the aid of analogue and digital media, taking into account transmedial narrative forms in graphic design and photography. The degree course explores the interfaces between content and form, text and image, and theory and praxis. Students engage with issues that promote conceptual thinking, enabling them to develop design processes for themselves in open, practise-oriented projects. An understanding of media and formats, and a feeling for the differences of materiality in each media format are the bases for training in visual communication; the scope of the projects ranges from personally motivated artistic research to applied design praxis.

The master’s degree course equips graduates for the conception and creation of visual messages and promotes their development as the authors of artistic statements. Graduates are predestined for freelance professional status in the creative industries. They have trained their awareness of context combined with the capacity to engage with the structural processes behind an issue. Graduates have a deep awareness of the designer’s responsibility for the design of the environment and society, complete with the necessary skills to translate solutions into visual messages.


Univ.Prof. Tina Frank
01.10.2023-31.03.2024 on Sabbatical

Deputy Head

Univ.-Prof. Anna Artaker

representing BA Graphic-Design und Photography
Univ.-Prof. Anna Artaker

Representing MA Visual Communication
Assoz.Prof. DI(Fh) Marianne Lechner, PhD


Department Visual Communication
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Vortrag von Tina Frank am Symposium "Boundaries: time"