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Master programme Time-based Media

Master programme
Duration: 4 semesters

Objectives and Orientation

“timebased media” is concerned with the interdisciplinary exploration of different work methods drawing on timebased media, i.e. working with video (practice and theory), film (theory) and sound, media installations and productions, interactive systems, digital media-supported design and innovative programme development. Based on process- and problem-oriented modules, students develop their own artistic-scientific and transdisciplinary projects and creations. Experimental, performative, spatial, cultural-scientific and art-historical aspects are integrated into project implementation and theoretical training in the areas of timebased media, media practice and media production.
The programme is designed to enable students to work both on their own and as
part of a team.


Music Session, Foto © Zeitbasierte Medien
Music Session, Foto © Zeitbasierte Medien


Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Christoph Nebel


Senior Artist Mag.art Gerlinde Schmierer

Univ.-Ass. Andreea Vladut, MA