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Echoes Around Me III

2. und 3. Oktober 2020 Steiner 8, Steinergasse 8, 1160 Wien

Premiere of compositions commissioned by the “embodied gestures” project (PEEK AR99-G24)

by Enrique Tomás and Thomas Gorbach
Friday, 02.10.2020 | 09:00 PM

The artistic research project “embodied gestures: Sculpting Sonic Expression into Musical Artifacts” (PEEK AR99-G24) of the Tangible Music Lab, Kunstuniversität Linz, is glad to invite you to the premiere of three compositions commissioned to the composers Theodoros Lotis, Jaime Reis and the ensemble Steel Girls. The works will be presented on 2 and 3 October at the festival Echoes Around Me III in Vienna. The aim of this artistic-research project is the development of a new paradigm of interfaces for musical expression especially designed to emphasize a performer’s gestural embodiment within an instrument. For that, “embodied gestures” explores the possibilities of shaping the physical affordances of designed digital instruments with the intention of inspiring particular forms of gesturality. Specifically, our objective is studying the implications of designing musical interfaces which can afford the same type of gesturality that a particular sound inspires.