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Objectives & Career Options

Graduates of the Bachelor Programme Industrial Design have learned to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the manifold interactions and complexities that characterise the field of industrial design, including aspects of the status quo in research.
Moreover, graduates are able to harness their know-how for a professional approach to solving a wide variety of set problems. They have acquired the ability to develop, argue and communicate qualified solutions for concrete tasks in their given field of expertise.
In addition to fundamental theoretical knowledge, cutting-edge know-how regarding surface, materials and manufacturing technologies, the ability to effectively analyse potential inspirations drawn from Nature and to derive morphological problem-solving strategies, the professional use of computer-aided industrial design software and rapid prototyping techniques are all part and parcel of the skills profile of graduates.
In addition, graduates have developed decisive capabilities for largely independent, continuous learning in their given field of specialisation and may continue their studies in a Master Programme.

Academic Title
Bakk. tech.