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Online meetings & virtual collaboration

There are two systems for video conferences supported by ZID:
► Webex
► Jitsi (Moodle V)
Further information below.

Cisco Webex

Access the Webex dashboard via web browser:

The new Webex App for PC/MAC or mobile device combines meetings, messaging, events, polling and soon phone calls. Download: www.webex.com/downloads.html

Every employee and every student has a Webex account available. Login as follows:

  1. At the Webex login screen type in your email-address of the university
  2. Now you are forwarded to the so called "Shibboleth"-login
  3. There use the UFGonline login data. Username (german "Benutzername") is p<personellnumber> or m<matriculationnumber> and password)
  4. Click on "Anmelden" you must confirm the transmission of your mailaddress and data

If you have any questions concerning the login, please contact it.helpdesk@kunstuni-linz.at

Lost password? Refer to paragraph "eDirectory / UFGonline" here: www.kunstuni-linz.at/Zugangsdaten.16544.0.html

Range of functions
• Multiple tools for online collaboration: Webex, Webex Meetings, Webex Training, Webex Events
• Video conferences with up to 250 participants (audio + video) plus up to 500 participants just audio.
• Sharing and viewing of files (PDF, PowerPoint …) or the whole monitor or just one application.
• Meetings can be launched immediately (personal room) or can be scheduled.
• Options to: record meetings and chats, polling, breakout sessions, transcriptions of recorded meetings (english only).
• Can be used in web browser (plugin installation required) or download and install the standalone "Webex Meetings desktop app" (recommended).
• Add-ons available for integration in Microsoft Outlook and others.

Jitsi (Moodle V)

This is not a competitor of Webex but is a free alternative, which allows everyone to quickly host an online-meeting, without any user account.

URL: https://www.moodle.ufg.at/v

• not required
• invitation to an existing room: Login-credentials are set by the creator of the meeting room and can be used to invite others.

Range of functions
• Simple and quick communication without the need for an user account
• Invite anyone by sharing the URL and password.
• Other options: Live chat; share your desktop or just one application; live streaming and recording.

Recommendations to improve quality

• Reduce background noise and use a headset (speaker-microphone-combination) or a clip-on microphone (Lavalier microphone). Those usually offer a better recording quality when compared to integrated hardware.
• Use a wired internet connection or at least make sure that the wireless connection is as stable as possible (reduce distance and obstructions between your device and the wifi router or cell tower).
• Ask other users of the same internet connection to quit acitivities with high bandwidth consumption, like up- and downloads, streaming of movies or videos, online-gaming.
• On your own device close unused programs which access the internet.
• The broadcast of video (from your webcam) increases demand on performance and bandwidth. Disable your webcam if you don't need this function or you are experiencing problems.
• If available use the QoS (quality of service) function of your router, which allows to prioritize certain applications (in this case the meeting-software. For further instructions please refer to the manual of your router.