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PhD-Programme | Application

At the University of Arts Linz, there is a PhD-programme for all departments. Research projects are possible by, between and across all artistic, design, scientific and technology-oriented disciplines represented at the University of Arts Linz. The focus is on the individual research project, which is realized with the best possible support. The PhD-programme serves to support and further develop independent artistic and/or scientific work and to promote young researchers. The PhD-programme has a minimum duration of six semesters. The PhD-candidates are considered as early stage researchers.

Application Process to the PhD-Programme

1. Information
Please visit our homepage www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd for detailed information about the PhD-programme. In order to clarify further questions regarding the application procedure as well as the PhD-programme, study advisory meetings are offered on a regular basis. Attendance is mandatory. Current dates can be found at www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd/aktuelles.

2. Exposé
The PhD-project is presented in the exposé. It is a comprehensible presentation of the PhD-project including selected literature or artistic references (e.g. 5-10 pages in total are usual). Apart from that, supplementary documents relevant to the project, such as portfolios, etc. can be handed in. What is exactly required, is decided by your supervisor; please discuss it with her*him.

3. Determination of the PhD-Supervisors
A list of possible PhD-supervisors at the University of Arts Linz can be found at www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd/links. It is important that the supervisor has professional expertise in your project. You can contact the suitable supervisor for your project and ask for supervision (please include the abstract or exposé of your work). Assistance in finding suitable supervisors (matching) is offered during the study advisory meetings. If there is interest in a cooperation and the exposé is rated as good, a confirmation of supervision can be given. The application for the PhD-programme requires the signature of the first supervisor of the University of Arts Linz. This is done by signing the "Application for Admission" (forms → www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd/links). The supervisor can also suggest further elaboration and improvement of the exposé. The University of Arts Linz encourages and supports the supervision by a team, i.e. by two supervisors, as it has many advantages. The first supervisor must be an authorised PhD-supervisor of the University of Arts Linz. Secondary supervisors can be from other universities, but must be authorised to supervise doctoral students/PhD students and should be appointed at the latest when the supervision agreement is concluded.

4. Submission of the Application
Deadlines for applying to the PhD-programme can be found at www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd/aktuelles. There are two deadlines per year (approx. in September and approx. in January/February). To apply, please submit the following documents by the applicable deadlines:

  • Transcripts of your degrees and – in the case of non-Austrian degrees – a Diploma Supplement (all in German or English language)
  • Exposé of the PhD-project
  • Application for admission including confirmation of supervision by at least one supervisor (forms → www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd/links)

in digital form to veronika.schwediauer@kunstuni-linz.at. Please name the files as follows: "Surname_Exposé" or "Surname_Diploma Supplement" etc. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application.

After the application has been submitted, two steps are carried out within the university:
Verification of Eligibility for Admission through Previous Degrees
The eligibility for admission to the PhD-programme is given by the completion of a subject-related diploma or master's degree programme, diploma or master's degree programme of a university of applied sciences or another equivalent programme at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution. The transcripts and – in the case of non-Austrian degrees – the diploma supplement are required in order to check whether you are eligible for enrolment in the PhD-programme on the basis of your academic qualifications.

Review of the Exposés by the Research Board
The Research Board reviews and approves or disapproves the exposés of the PhD projects. The meetings of the Research Board take place around mid-March for the summer semester and around mid-October for the winter semester. You will be informed promptly about the results of the review.

5. Enrolment
If your application has been is approved, you can enrol in the Studies' Office until the end of the grace period (end of April in the summer semester, end of November in the winter semester). Please complete the online pre-registration before you go to the Studies' Office (if PhD cannot be selected as study programme for technical reasons, please simply select another degree programme and complete pre-registration; this can then be corrected on site). Enrolment takes place in person at the Studies' Office. Please bring your original documents with you to the enrolment.
Please be sure to observe the applicable deadlines! Please complete the enrolment process by mid-April or mid-November at the latest to avoid any problems. Please inform yourself in advance about the enrolment process on our homepage: www.kunstuni-linz.at/Start-ins-Studium


For all questions regarding the PhD-programme → Dr. Veronika Schwediauer, coordinator of the PhD-programme, Department Art.Research | PhD, Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz, veronika.schwediauer@kunstuni-linz.at, M: +43 676 84 7898 2202, Office Days: Mondays, Wednesdays; www.kunstuni-linz.at/phd

For enrolment → Admission and Examination Department, Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz, studien.office@kunstuni-linz.at

Dr. Veronika Schwediauer
Koordination des PhD-Programms
M: +43 676 84 7898 2202

Simon Hochleitner, MA
Studienassistent PhD

Hauptplatz 6, 2. OG
4020 Linz | Austria