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Programme Structure & Study Focuses

Since 2005, the Industrial Design Programme is organised as a bachelor and master curriculum with an engineering/scientific slant. As a rule, the Bachelor Curriculum extends over six semesters and equals a total of 180 ECTS credits; the Master Programme requires another four semesters.
The Curricula are essentially dedicated to imparting the fundamentals of the various subjects and mainly consist of compulsory courses and, to a smaller degree, compulsory elective classes. 10 percent of the courses are free electives and may be chosen from the programmes of all recognised Austrian and foreign universities and academies. These options are to enhance students’ possibilities to develop an individual profile.
The courses and classes of the Industrial Design Programme take the form of project modules covering one semester each and increasing in complexity over time; as a result, the grades assigned for each module acquire greater weight over the course of the programme as well. The Curriculum is complemented by compulsory practical stints.

The Bachelor Programme Industrial Design comprises the following subjects:

1. Industrial design (with the focuses scionic®/CAID/materials science and environmental technologies)
2. Art and cultural studies
3. Visualisation technologies and methods
4. Fundamentals of design
5. Techniques and technologies
6. Ergonomics
7. Free electives
8. External practical stint organised to parallel the theoretical curriculum