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Contact point for people with special needs

A person affected by disability and/or a chronic illness faces many challenges. For instance, physically or mentally disadvantaged people have to invest a lot of time and energy just to find out if the chosen study programme and the place of study are suitable and if they can find the necessary means to master everyday university life (accessible buildings, public transport connections).

Within the context of the university reform 2002, the Federal Ministry has also created a mandatory contact point (University Act 2002 § 59, par.1) at the University of Art and Design Linz in order to improve affected people’s study and working conditions.

Since December 2006, MMag. Karin Schneider has been assisting students and university employees with disabilities as their representative, for instance in the following matters:

  • General or individual advice before and during studies or the start of a new position
  • Regular information concerning current developments on the website
  • Supporting students’ and university members’ integration in academic/professional life
  • Individual technical and personal assistance (office with lift access, computer widescreen, organising an accompanying person)
  • Collaboration with all university boards (rectorate, student union) to guarantee the inclusion of affected people’s concerns
  • Regular exchange of experiences with other disabilities representatives, especially within the framework of Austrian association uniability
  • Participation and suggestions concerning structural changes to the buildings (e.g. wheelchair ramps, stair lifts or study desks for visually impaired people)

Since December 2012, Ms MMag. Karin Schneider has also been the elected representative of all registered disabled employees of the university.

Please send your individual inquiries to karin.schneider@kunstuni-linz.at.
You can obtain detailed information concerning the activities of all Austrian disabilities representatives from uniability, the committee for university students with disabilities or chronic diseases in Austria.

Head and Contact
Petra Sturz
T: +43 (0)732/ 7898 2317
M: +43 (0)676/84 7898 2317

Office Hours
Mon to Fri 9 to 12 am
Please make an appointment by phone in advance