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NEW! Starting with the academic year 2021/22
The master programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics can also be completed in English. Further Details

Master Programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics

The master programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics sees graduates of the bachelor programme of the same name continue their artistic development with changed objectives. The bachelor programme allows students to become aware of their own artistic practice’s potentials by realising and reflecting on projects. The master programme gives them space for an in-depth elaboration of their practice and of an individual artistic position. Additionally, a broad range of theoretical lectures facilitates students‘ abilities to reflect on their own artistry. The study field Professionalisation provides insight into the strategies of the art market and connections to gallery owners and curators. At the same time, students learn how to present and write about their own work so they can lay the groundwork for a successful entry into independent artistic activities.

Furthermore, the master programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics offers holders of a bachelor or diploma degree from another academy or university in the field of visual arts the chance to set a new thematic priority in the field of sculptural-spatial work with ceramics and other materials. The department’s subject focus is on the creation of a material basis for artistic projects. Materiality not only allows for a visual and haptic experience of artistic projects, it also builds a bridge to an inexhaustible multitude of associations, memories and sensations. The different modes of working with a material play a vital part as well. Students practice and reflect on these in the course of the programme.

In recent years, ceramic materials have become a much-discussed subject of visual arts. Only a few years ago, people were critical of ceramics’ rootedness in design, crafts and amateur pottery and denied its potential to become established in visual arts. Today, this attitude has almost been reversed. Precisely because ceramics has a rich tradition and touches so many areas of life, it has become in high demand among internationally renowned artists. This is why the master programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics is an attractive offer to students who want to use ceramic materials in their artistic approach. The range of applications stretches from an innovative-experimental approach to the acquisition of passed-on ceramic techniques in order to realise artistic projects referring to certain traditions.

Another advantage of the programme at the University of Art and Design Linz: there are no or only small tuition fees.
Students from EU member states only pay 20,20 EUR during the standard period of study plus two extra semesters (‘tolerance semester’). Starting with the seventh semester of a master programme, an additional tuition fee of 363,36 EUR must be paid.
In some circumstances, students who come to the University of Art and Design Linz from outside the European Union have to pay a tuition fee of 746,92 EUR.


Univ.-Prof. Dipl.des. Frank Louis

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