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Viktor Delev & Joanna Gruberska:
Anatta - Danceperformance at Ars Electronica Deepspace, 2014

Prerequisites, registration & admission

Next date for the admission exam for the academic year 2024/25:

Admission examination: July 1st until July 5th 2024.


The following steps are necessary to qualify for our program:   

  1. Online registration for the admission test at www.zulassung.ufg.at
  2. Submission of work samples.   
  3. Completion of the entrance exam online via video conference.


Work Samples

Absolutely necessary are:   

  • 2 videos.   
  • Concepts for 2 interactive works (short description with sketches).


The admission examination comprises the following elements:

  • submission of work samples,
  • practical tasks,
  • interview with the jury (board of examiners).  

Interest in (media) art, skill in working with professional image processing and vector graphics programs as well as the knowledge of German and English language are required.



Administration & Head:
Univ.Prof. Mag.art. PhD. Joachim Smetschka

Information about the program and the entry exams:
Mag.art. Bettina Steinmaurer
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 397