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Bachelor Programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics

Art is a language that is able to create images and awaken sensations without using words. These images can change our way of thinking and influence our actions. Forms, colours, surfaces, spatial contexts, proportions, sounds, motion and the interaction of different media are this language’s vocabulary in which materials play a vital role. After all, materiality can shape our impression of an object, depict the human body through traces of processing, arouse individual associations and activate collective memory.

The 6-semester project-oriented bachelor programme Sculptural Conceptions / Ceramics enables students to unearth this treasure of the material basis for artistic projects. Students develop sensitivity and awareness of the important part that materiality plays regarding the impact of sculptural work. For this reason, the programme offers a lot of space for experimenting with and reflecting on materials such as clay, wood, metal or plastic. Eventually, students’ experiments develop into coherent concepts for personally motivated artistic projects which can refer to diverse social phenomena.

Regular exhibitions take place in the context of study projects or at the invitation of galleries or museums and give students the chance to present their work.
Independent work on individually chosen subjects forms the core of the programme. Spacious workshops and studios (link: new rooms) are at the students’ disposal around the clock. The discussion of ideas, intermediate results and finished projects takes place in small groups. The programme places great importance on students discussing others’ projects as well. Beside a five-member teaching staff (link: teaching staff), the department invites artists and curators in the context of projects and workshops. A broad range of classes relating to the field of cultural studies enables students not only to conceive and realise increasingly complex projects but also to reflect on them.

At the start of the programme, students get to know clay as a diverse, malleable material which is eminently suitable for experimenting with contexts of form and different material aspects. Concurrently, many classes are aimed at enabling students to use varied means of expression in the field of ceramic materials for the realisation of their projects.


Frank Louis


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Petra Sturz
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University of Art and Design Linz
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Kunstuniversität Linz
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