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Bachelor Programme textile·art·design

Selection of current  bachelor theses

"wie es sich anhielt als ich fühlte" Astrid Bernhard
"here be dragons – unknown places" Josepha Krüger
"(ent)faltete Körper" Pia Pollems
"FADENARBEIT (Serie 1)" Arezou Shayesteh Sadafian
"Notes and Blanks" Maria Valerie Stockhammeri
"BRUCHLINIEN" Iza Tkeshelashvili
"off elegance" Florian Hareter
"Hommage an Coco" Eva-Ch. Obernberger
"MAZE. Möglichkeiten der Textillasergravur" Julia Moser
"Malerische Tapisserie" Yeseul Kwon
"KMono" Ayse Brunner
"FLORIOGRAPH" Angelina Bobleter
"The Atopic Body" Katharina Grafinger
"In Real Life" Franziska Sponring
"im dynamischen System" Clara Boesl
"RUMI" Vanessa Pichorner
"GLEICH | KLANG _INSTALLATION" Gisela Klammsteiner

The bachelor programme textile·art·design offers training in textile techniques, textile design and freelance art. The partly project-oriented organisation of the curriculum promotes the work with, and analysis of, textile phenomena in art and everyday culture and includes such areas as textile artefacts, textiles in space, on stage and for performances as well as fashion, textile and carpet design. Textiles are moreover understood as a means of communication and a medium for identity-building. Great importance is attached to experimentation in order to enable students to appropriate basic design competencies. Fundamental knowledge regarding material and processing techniques that are essential for work in both freelance art and industry are imparted in depth. The programme aims to convey the ability to implement simple artistic concepts.
The bachelor programme comprises six semesters and is a precondition for all further studies, in particular for the master programme textile·art·design.

Academic title
BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Career options
Prime career options for graduates of the bachelor programme textile·art·design include textile design, fashion design, the theatre (costume and stage design) and areas of the creative industries.

© Ilona Stuetz
"Rising (AND) or Moments of self" © Marlene Penz, 2016; Textil, genäht, geknüpft, gebunden. ca. 132 -186 x 43 cm
"Analogue-chromophobe" von Miriam Walcherberger-Kößler; Foto © Stefan Walcherberger, 2015
Verbindend: Das Ich und das Andere in der Liebe © Florian Adelon

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Johannes Schweiger
johannes.schweiger@ kunstuni-linz.at

A.Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Priska Riedl
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"wandlung" von Johanna Jaksch; Foto: © Daniel Hawelka
Lisa Klingersberger "Origami Kleid tessellate.it.dress" Präsentation des Kleides an der Puppe; Foto © Isabella Ahrens und Lisa Klingersberger
Isabella Ahrens: "Shibori – Tradition in der Moderne"; Foto © Josef Schaitl / Bearbeitung: Isabella Ahrens
Barbara Mandl: "Übermacht Gehirn"; Foto © Victoria Tanczos
Gabriela Mayrhofer: "innen – der Mensch in seiner Einzigartigkeit"; Foto © Victoria Tanczos
Christina Heppke: "Die Welt der Träume"; Foto © Katharina Hager von Strobele
Sarah Josefa Rieger: "Vom Zwicken kriegt man Hautkrebs"; Foto © Florian Albert
Julia Brandstetter: "Ein Prozess des Scheiterns"; Foto © Florian Albert
Paula van der Woude: "Entstehen Bestehen Vergessen"; Foto © Florian Albert
Alessandra Steiner: "17kg"; Foto © Florian Albert